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Sep 21

Scott Annan Launches

When asked about the criteria used for selecting Plays to be featured on his website, Scott Annan’s response was simple and direct: “We went out and got the best.”
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Sep 12

Brand Your Startup On A Shoestring, Focus On: Andrea Shillington

In more ways than one, it’s an exciting new global market out there for business. Customers are choosing brands that align with their values because they see through marketing superlatives. In other words, the new consumer can see through the fluff. Ask Andrea Shillington about it, and she might point out, “There’s a whole new type of shopper. A conscious shopper.” She adds, “Consumer behavior is changing. Information is available right now and people are yearning for an authentic connection with the products and services they buy.”
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Sep 6

How To Build A Profitable eCommerce Store, Catching up With: Andrew Youderian

For someone out there on the fence, especially someone young and single, mulling over the idea of starting their own eCommerce business, Andrew Youderain has some ready advice: “I would strongly encourage them to do it,” he says. “It could change the trajectory of your whole life.”
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