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How To Build A Profitable eCommerce Store, Catching up With: Andrew Youderian

A Step by Step Guide to Success

For someone out there on the fence, especially someone young and single, mulling over the idea of starting their own eCommerce business, Andrew Youderain has some ready advice: “I would strongly encourage them to do it,” he says.  “It could change the trajectory of your whole life.”

Andrew speaks from experience.  Four-and-a-half years and several succesful eCommerce businesses later, his life’s trajectory has evolved from trudging through 14-hour workdays at a small investment firm, to having the freedom for a seven-month global trek that included hiking across exotic landscapes, sailing through crystal clear waters, and volunteering his time to teach basic English to Indian children at a slum school.  But don’t get the wrong impression.  Success came only as a result of a strong commitment, research, saving money, and putting in the time.  This hard work, however, brought fast rewards for himself and his family.  Using a mountain euphuism befitting his Bozeman, Montana home, as well as the freedom found in the entrepreneurial world, he jokingly remarks, “Whatever I kill and drag home is what I eat.”

Kidding aside, Andrew’s now ready to give back to the aspiring entrepreneur still searching for his or her way.  He’s put together a step-by-step guide, “How To Build A Profitable eCommerce Store”, which is available on the website,  He also writes an informative blog on his site, and he has written a free eBook available titled, “Profitable eCommerce.”

“I think the Play would be helpful to anyone who wants to follow a methodical approach to start an eCommerce business,” he says, adding that he’s happy to feature it on because, “I know they have a good team over there.”

Andrew grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and went on to get a Finance Degree from Montana State University.  He chose finance because he’s “always had an entrepreneur streak.”  Finance, he says, blends the softer skills of Management with the harder skills found in Accounting.  Or, as Andrew puts it, “How business works under the hood.”  After briefly flirting with other business ideas, he chose the eCommerce model and soon had his first online store, which sold radio equipment, up and running for a capital investment of about $1,500.  Within six months he was paying his expenses.  Within a year he was supporting himself and his wife.  Still, in the beginning, it took 60-hour work weeks in a cramped bedroom, and holding on to his college car that he describes as a “beater.”

“Ninety-five percent of the time you hear about the end result,” Andrew notes.  “It takes a ton of work.  It takes a lot of effort and commitment.”

Before choosing radio equipment, Andrew researched several factors, such as finding a product that people wanted, as well as a product in which he could add value.  He went online to find out what people were searching for; he considered whether there was confusion on what to buy, what products work best together, what is the customer’s application.  Then he got to work and created an online store, launching a website that by his own description would not, “win any awards.”

Whether or not a person already has an idea or product in mind for a business, Andrew’s Play would be a good place to start their quest for professional freedom.  If someone has a strong desire to be an entrepreneur but has no idea how to go forward, “How To Build A Profitable eCommerce Business” will take them by the hand and, if they’re willing to put in the time and effort, give them a good shot at success.  If, on the other hand, someone is starting with ideas but is not sure how to proceed, Andrew’s Play could help them sort through their ideas to get on the right track.  They might, Andrew says, “Realize that their idea isn’t the best way to go forward.  It’s a heck of a lot better than spending thousands of dollars.” 

Today, back home in Montana and going strong with his growing eCommerce businesses, Andrew has a newfound admiration of his country, saying, “It’s given me a real appreciation of the entrepreneurial environment that the U.S. embodies and encourages, as well as other western cultures.  It really makes business possible.  There’s no stigma on failure or not knowing something.  Going out and trying and failing is not seen as a weakness.”

On that note, going out with the benefit of Andrew’s advice and experience couldn’t hurt, either.

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Mike Mason6/09/2012 10:56:42 AM

Andrew Youderian is a standup guy, and a savy entrepreneur. It's been a pleasure just sitting down over skype to drain his brain. Great article guys!

Dennis7/09/2012 11:01:29 AM

Thanks Mike!
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